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Businesses using KLCC to reach their target market

Reach the people who shape Western and Central Oregon

The public radio audience is the closest you can get to a marketing bulls-eye.  In a world of fragmented media audiences, this unique breed is totally engaged in the noncommercial programming it loves, respects and personally supports.


Underwriting on KLCC public radio delivers dual marketing benefits to your organization.

  • Your message reaches an exceptionally devoted audience that is hard to reach through other media.
  • Your support of this respected, nonprofit public service exhibits community goodwill and bestows the coveted NPR “halo effect” on your organization or business.
  • See the list of businesses currently using KLCC to reach their target audience.

85% of public radio listeners have taken direct action as a result of underwriting.

Clutter-free Programming Environment

  • With an average of only five 15-second messages per hour, there is virtually no listener tune-out.  Your message will be heard.
  •  KLCC enlightens, educates, inspires, entertains and reflects the community by presenting high quality content from NPR, the most respected news-gathering agency in the United States, as well as award-winning regional coverage.

64% of NPR listeners prefer to buy products and services from public radio underwriters when price and quality are equal.


KLCC hosts a range of community-based events that allow business sponsors special opportunities.  Our signature event, the KLCC Brewfest, is held in February, attracting over 7,000 attendees and a select group of sponsors.  Other events -- including the Oregon Country Fair broadcast, live concerts in the KLCC studios, and intimate donor gatherings -- offer one-of-a-kind marketing opportunities.  For information about event sponsorships contact Cheryl Crumbley at


For more information about reaching KLCC’s 85,000 weekly listeners, call 541-463-6000 and ask for “underwriting.”  Or contact our underwriting staff directly:

Cheryl Crumbley, Director of Development, 541-463-6005,

Hal Hermanson, Development Associate, 541-463-6007,

Kyle Hughes, Development Associate, 541-463-6008,


KLCC Marketing Information

Guide to Creating Underwriting Scripts

Businesses using KLCC to reach their target market