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TAD Talks is a new series that will examine how technology and the arts encourage economic development and community engagement in the Downtown Eugene area. The first TAD Talk will be Tuesday, August 11th at Hi-Fi Music Hall at 5:30 pm.  Eric Alan speaks with Matt Sayre, director of the Technology Association of Oregon in Eugene, and Joshua Purvis, Executive Director of the Eugene Film Society.

KLCC 89.7 FM will broadcast Oregon Festival of American Music's
Tuesday August 11, 7:30-10 pm


Photo by Eric Alan

Langhorne Slim and the Law will release their second album as a unit, The Spirit Moves, this Friday, August 7th, bringing another set of soulful, vulnerable and joyful songs to the world. As part of the tour behind it, they’ll appear at the Hi-Fi Music Hall in Eugene, August 4th, and Langhorne Slim came by the KLCC studios for solo versions of a few of his new songs.

Recorded on: July 31st, 2015

Air Date: August 3rd, 2015

Three speakers will explore the road ahead for independent filmmaking. Indie films are those for which the “Director’s Cut” is the final cut, because no producers own the rights to creative control and financial issues do not determine the way the story will be told. They will discuss whether Hollywood is more attuned to the wealth of creativity among filmmakers who insist on artistic integrity.

History Channel

The TV show American Pickers is coming to Oregon in September. If the crew gets enough leads on interesting old things, they could stop in your town.

Travis Palmer is Executive Director of the Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce. He describes the History Channel show.

Palmer: "Mike and Frank, the two stars of the show, they go around and they look through old barns and houses and whatever buildings they can find and they look for basically find these hidden treasures."

Photo by Eric Alan

Steven Graves brings his American roots music and a full band to the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove on July 31st, and to Cozmic in Eugene on Saturday evening, August 1st. Both shows are free. The band is touring behind the sixth and newest Steven Graves CD, Mission Bell, which includes appearances from longtime KLCC friends Keith Greeninger and Dayan Kai, who co-produced the CD with Steven. The Steven Graves Band visited the KLCC studios for songs and conversation on a hot Friday afternoon.

The play Anne of the Thousand Days depicts the tumultuous and lethal relationship of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Jay Hash, director of the Very Little Theatre’s production, speaks with Eric Alan about why he’s recast Anne as a feminist heroine in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The play runs July 31st through August 15th.

Bill Hall is a  Lincoln County Commissioner and author of the utopian novel McCallandia, which explores an alternate universe in which Oregon Governor Tom McCall becomes President. Bill Hall speaks to Eric Alan about McCall's legacy, and the wild things that just might have happened in the 1970s, had Nixon chosen McCall instead of Agnew for Vice President.

Photo by Eric Alan

The Icelandic band Arstidir is making their first tour through the United States, after becoming a sensation in their home country shortly after their formation in 2008, right after the stock market crash there. Undeterred by economic troubles, volcanic eruptions and so forth, they’ve found a worldwide audience for their music—including one song having more than four million views on YouTube. Arstidir’s music includes an emphasis on vocal harmony, and influences from classical to folk and rock.