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Photo by Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival


by Dorothy Velasco

March 31, 2015

There is much to enjoy in the production of “Much Ado About Nothing,” now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Bowmer Theatre. There is just as much to criticize.

  Rita Hosking's upcoming CD is a concept album inspired by a series of drawings she did. She talks about her journey to write the hero's journey, introduces her alter ego, "Rhonda Hosking and the Original Sinners," and unveils an unexpected tribute on the final Saturday Cafe.

Photo by Eric Alan

The Delgani String Quartet is a new ensemble, featuring Wyatt True and Jannie Wei on violin, Morgan O’Shaughnessy on viola, and Kelly Quesada on cello. Delgani will perform twice in upcoming days, including this Sunday, March 29th at the Secret Garden in Eugene in a benefit for the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, and in their official debut on April 7th at United Lutheran Church in Eugene. At the Secret Garden, they’ll be joined by Sharon Schuman as a guest on violin. They debuted in radio style in the SELCO Performance Hall of the KLCC studios.

Earth Day is back on. The annual Eugene event held downtown was canceled due to confusion over a tent permit advisory from the Eugene Springfield Fire Department. It is now under review. Sabrina Siegel says when she heard Earth Day was canceled; she contacted the City and reserved Alton Baker Park for April 25th.

Siegel: "I thought if any place there's going to be an Earth Day, it has to be Eugene. And so we want to have a really fun event with bands and excellent speakers and just have fun as a community and celebrate the Earth."

Photo by Eric Alan

Canadian guitarist Ewan Dobson brings his “Acoustic Metal” tour to the WOW Hall in Eugene Wednesday night, March 25th, with local guitarist Will Brown opening. After his initial inspirations in the worlds of heavy metal and hard rock, Ewan has won major competitions in genres from classical to fingerstyle, and his influences run even farther into the world’s traditional music, techno, trance, and video game music. He’s become a YouTube sensation as well, with tens of millions of views. He joined us live in the KLCC studios for songs and conversation.

The Glow Variety Show is an eclectic benefit performance at LCC on March 28th & 29th. It supports the Trauma Healing Project, which provides healing arts services to survivors of trauma. Eric Alan speaks with dancer and choreographer Anna Miller, the founder of the Glow Variety Show, and Elaine Walters, Executive Director of the Trauma Healing Project.

Photo by Jenny Graham, Oregon Shakespeare Festival



by Dorothy Velasco

March 24, 2015

“Fingersmith,” the acclaimed Victorian crime novel by Sarah Waters, has been described as “Oliver Twist with a twist.”

In the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s new stage adaptation, we see more twisting than Chubby Checker ever dreamed of.

Tim Williams is the new Executive Director of Oregon Film—more formally known as the Governor’s Office of Film and Television. He speaks with Eric Alan about the growing and shifting media industry in Oregon, at a time when the word “film” is losing its traditional meaning, as the creative form opens to new digital horizons. 

 Folksinger, song-collector and autoharpist Adam Miller travels over 70,000 miles a year with his guitar, repertoire of over 5,000 songs, and one of three 1985 Wildwood Flower autoharps.

He talks with Frank about autoharp history and culture, children's reactions to the device (they love it) and which side of the Mississippi is more autoharp-friendly (hint: not this one).

Miller performs Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 4 pm at Tsunami Books in Eugene.