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Storycatchers: Queen Marie Slugtoinette

Jul 24, 2014
Connie Van Flandern

The slug queen pageant has been a Eugene tradition since 1983, but the office of slug queen hasn't always been so involved in the community.

Connie Van Flandern or Queen Marie Slug-toinette sat down with her friend Mitra  Chester to talk about Connie's role in shaping the meaning of being slug queen.

Mama Lou claims to be the only professional strong woman performer in the Northern Hemisphere. She visits the KLCC studios to rip a phone book in half and explain why her feats of strength provide inspiration for living a strong and beautiful life. She appears at the Lane County Fair every day through Sunday.

Absolute Harmony Live at KLCC

Jul 24, 2014

A live in-studio performance at KLCC from Absolute Harmony, a five-piece all-women a cappella ensemble from Corvallis. They perform an original song, then cover Steve Martin, and talk with Eric Alan about being inspired by everything from South African freedom songs to their children.

Watershed Arts Foundation

Sandy Jensen talks with Amy Isler Gibson, executive director of the new Watershed Arts Foundation. 

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The Lane County Fair opens today at the Eugene fairgrounds and runs through Sunday.  It’s all about finding your thrill, your groove, your cuteness, and the goofy in you. We know because the fair’s website,, tells us so.  To learn more about the fair and all the things you’ll find there,  KLCC’S Claude Offenbacher speaks with Assistant Fair Manager Rachel Bivens:

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


by Dorothy Velasco

for broadcast on KLCC July 22, 2014

“Water by the Spoonful,” by Quiara Alegria Hudes, won a Pulitzer Prize in 2012. Now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Thomas Theatre, it’s an excellent choice for the intimate space.

Meeting Date: July 18, 2014

Air Date: July 21, 2004

In 1969 in an apple orchard outside of Eugene, a handful of local people held a benefit for Children’s House, a community alternative school. That philanthropic event, billed as the Renaissance Faire, grew into the Oregon Country Fair (OCF). In the decades since, the Fair has been incorporated as a nonprofit organization with thousands of volunteers and six employees. Every July, hundreds of entertainers, performers, and handcraft artisans come together to co-create a lively festival.

3 Leg Torso Live at KLCC

Jul 18, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

The band 3 Leg Torso has been making eclectic music for nearly two decades, integrating elements of chamber music, tango, Gypsy music, Latin, klezmer and more. Their music has found its way into several films as well as on recordings. They’re currently working on two new albums, as well as hitting the road for the live shows that they love. They joined Eric Alan in the KLCC studios, on their way to the Axe and Fiddle in Cottage Grove.

Jacob Lewin

It is a colorful ritual that many Latinos brought with them when they immigrated to Oregon, and it is now more popular than ever. Quinceaneras celebrate the 15th birthday of Latino girls, but they are much more than just a big party.

Ileana Torres is being fitted for her quinceanera dress (zipper sound) at a Salem shop that specializes in them.  Quinceaneras once were a way to present girls as ready for marriage. Now they're a rite of passage when, at the age of 15 girls, like Ileana, are expected to take on more responsibility:

The Eugene Film Society 72-Hour Music Video Competition will challenge local videographers to create videos for the songs by this year’s finalists for the Eugene Weekly’s Next Big Thing contest. Eric Alan speaks with Joshua Purvis, founder and Director of operations of the Eugene Film Society.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


by Dorothy Velasco

for broadcast on KLCC July 15, 2014

“Into the Woods,” now playing at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Allen Elizabethan Theatre, is a Broadway-worthy spectacle. You may very well enjoy it as much as the ecstatic opening night audience.

Tiffany Eckert

KLCC reporters walked the paths of the Oregon Country Fair this weekend to find stories that capture  experiences at the nation's oldest event of its kind. Emery Blackwell was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or do many of the things many of us take for granted. But he's able to ride a tricycle that he custom designed for his body. It's known as Em's Cosmic Limo, and with the help of a dedicated crew, he spends nights at the Country Fair pedaling people around. KLCC's Tiffany Eckert has the story.


Crews Craft a Story Pole At Oregon Country Fair

Jul 13, 2014
Amanda Butt

The clan members of the "Ritz Sauna and Shower Spa" have set up their booth at the Oregon County Fair for the past 38 years. Now, they're working on a story pole to mark their legacy for many future generations of Fairgoers to see. KLCC's Amanda Butt was there with Booth Manager George Bradock and has more.

copyright, 2014 KLCC

Karen Richards

Oregon Country Fair is a place people can escape their everyday lives. One of the larger industries at the fair is food service. Many people leave their normal jobs to work at the fair's various food booths.

Merrill Smith works at La Tortilla, better known as "€œthe chalupa booth." He runs a bakery in Ashland. But most of his employees this weekend are not in food service. Smith says his workers are flight attendants, yoga instructors, tree planters, and parents. He enjoys working here because...

Oregon Country Fair - Wild Edibles And A Living Beehive

Jul 11, 2014
Desmond O'Boyle

Oregon Country Fair's Community Village is a collection of booths providing information about social issues.

Tucked away is a booth called Wild Edibles. Here people can learn about natural foliage that can be consumed or used as medicine. There's also a small section dedicated to a vital component to wild edible plants: Bees.

KLCC's Desmond O'Boyle took some time to visit the Fair's only living bee hive and found some women bringing attention to saving the bees.

copyright, 2014 KLCC

At the Oregon Country Fair Friday, KLCC's Eric Alan & John Cooney spoke with John Perkins. He's the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman. He's the founder and board member of Dream Change, as well as co-founder of Pachamama Alliance.

Oregon Country Fair Interview - Poet Jorah LaFleur

Jul 11, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

Friday at the 45th Oregon Country Fair, KLCC's Eric Alan and John Cooney spoke with poet Jorah LaFleur with Eugene Poetry Slam.

Photo by Eric Alan

Friday at the Oregon Country Fair, KLCC's Eric Alan and John Cooney spoke with Michelle Holman of SLFR: Support Local Food Rights.

Rachael McDonald

The Oregon Country Fair features more than music, food, jugglers, acrobats and funny costumes. If you're looking for a shady spot for some live theater and laughs, the Morningwood Odditorium is the place for you. During pre-fair set up, KLCC's Rachael McDonald stopped by to talk with a couple of actors, Christopher Huson and Maque DaVis.

"Beauty and the Beast" is performed at noon and 3 o'clock each day of the fair at the Morningwood Odditorium.

Rachael McDonald

The Oregon Country Fair will lure thousands of people to the woods in Veneta this weekend.  KLCC's Rachael McDonald checked in with Fair General Manager Charlie Ruff this week to find out what fair-goers can expect.

Workers are putting finishing touches on the fanciful structures that dot the landscape of this wooded tract of land in Veneta. Charlie Ruff says this year's heavy snows and icy temperatures caused some damage.

“Hi, I’m your neighbor, and I’d like to eat your weeds.”  In her book “Dandelion Hunter: Foraging the Urban Wilderness,” author Becky Lerner accepts her editor’s challenge to survive for a week on the wild plants growing within Portland’s city limits.  She quickly discovers that collecting leafy weeds and brewing pine-needle tea costs far more in energy than it provides in sustenance.  Exhausted and near starvation, she gives up on the experiment by the end of chapter 2.

Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast

Jul 10, 2014

A coastal Oregon tradition has been captured by author James Herman in his new book, Driftwood Forts of the Oregon Coast. It looks at forts from a variety of perspectives, from the historical to the spiritual and the practical, in a book that’s photographic as much as it written in prose. James Herman will appear in the KLCC listening area at Siuslaw Public Library in Florence on July 12th, in Lincoln City on July 19th, and on August 2nd at the first annual Driftwood Fort Festival. He speaks with Eric Alan.

The Next Tsunami: Living on a Restless Coast

Jul 9, 2014

Author Bonnie Henderson’s latest book is called The Next Tsunami: Living on a Restless Coast. It looks at how the scientific community came to understand the Cascadia Subduction Zone and the possibilities for tsunamis along the Pacific Coast—particularly through the eyes of geologist Tom Horning, who experienced the 1964 tsunami in Seaside, Oregon, as a ten-year-old. Bonnie Henderson will be holding book events in July in Bend, Newport, and Eugene, and will appear as a panelist in Florence in August. She speaks with Eric Alan.

Dan Chen Open Studio

Jul 9, 2014
Oregon Shakespeare Festival


by Dorothy Velasco

for broadcast on KLCC July 8, 2014

“A Wrinkle in Time,” Madeleine L’Engle’s beloved book published in 1962, has been adapted for screen, stage and even opera. Now you can see a new adaptation at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s Bowmer Theatre, and delight in the creativity of the stagecraft.

Zac Wolfe Live at KLCC

Jul 3, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

Eugene guitarist Zac Wolfe blends jazz, Latin and pop styles, and recently had the opportunity to make his debut album, Hello, with one of his inspirations, the great drummer Stix Hooper of the Crusaders. Before performing at Art and the Vineyard in Alton Baker Park in Eugene on Friday, July 4th with his full band, he visited the KLCC studios in duo form with Brazilian percussionist Valter Da Silva, for songs and conversation.

Lucy Ohlsen/KLCC

At race registration, one person stands out among the runners.

“I’ve got my water jugs, and my gun here," he gestures. "I’m ready to go hunting for rabbits.”

This man calls himself Eugene Skinner.

“Came out here, and started a ferry. Brought my family out here, and we thought we’d raise our kids out here,” he said.

With racing bib number 2549, he won the first “Eugene Skinner” look-alike contest. There was only one other contestant. Both will run in the 41st Butte to Butte run.

Hey Marseilles Live at KLCC

Jul 2, 2014
Photo by Eric Alan

The six-piece Seattle ensemble Hey Marseilles merges orchestral and pop textures, and have been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series, among other places. They've released two acclaimed albums to date, including the most recent one Lines We Trace. They joined us in the KLCC studios to share two new songs and one older one, before performing at Cozmic in Eugene on July 2nd.

The City of Springfield is partnering with the iconic television show The Simpsons to bring the family to Downtown on a mural. The show is celebrating its 25th anniversary. It's the longest running scripted show currently still on the air.

The critically acclaimed show featuring Homer, Bart, Maggie and Lisa is set in Springfield. Simpsons Producer Al Jean says they have always been vague about which state the show is set in.

Oregon Shakespeare Festival


by Dorothy Velasco

for broadcast on KLCC  July 1, 2014

The Oregon Shakespeare Festival opened its outdoor season at the Allen Elizabethan Theatre with a riveting production of “Richard III.” Dan Donahue’s multi-layered portrayal of the complex title role is a unique gift to theatre-goers.