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Brian Bull

The Oregon Country Fair is a chance to relax and “let it all hang out,” so to speak.  But while most people are fine with the standard summer attire of shorts and a t-shirt, or a billowy dress with wide-brimmed hat, others are more comfortable with skimpy garments or even just a layer of paint.  KLCC’s Brian Bull visited with a young couple who mostly went au naturel to this annual event.

Brian Bull

A new art installation is complete and slated to debut soon at the Oregon Country Fair. But as KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the “Story Pole” is still a year away from being erected.

Brian Bull

The sounds of the Oregon Country Fair are mostly invigorating.  There’s music to get your feet moving, spoken words to stir your soul, and vaudevillian comedy to jar your funny bone.  But one musician provides a special experience for those who want to be transported away from the revelry, if even for just a few minutes. 

Prep Underway For OCF

Jul 8, 2016
Brian Bull

The 47th annual Oregon Country Fair certainly isn’t shy of pageantry and spectacle.  But getting the 280-acres prepped and ready for the crush of crowds this weekend doesn’t happen on its own. KLCC’s Brian Bull visited the fairgrounds while crews and vendors set up, and learned right off that preparation is all a matter of scale…literally.

Construction Crews Prep For Start Of The Fair

Jul 8, 2016
Angela Kellner

People from all over the world flock to the Oregon Country Fair just outside of Eugene to enjoy a weekend of music, art and to reminisce about hippy-er times.

KLCC’s Kira Hoffelmeyer has some pre-fair details.

Kira Hoffelmeyer

This weekend the Oregon Country Fair marks its 47th year, a near-half century of music, body paint, and environmentally-friendly counterculture.  Roughly 50,000 people are expected to show during the three-day event, west of Eugene.  KLCC’s Brian Bull visited with a longtime coordinator of the fair, who’s just taken on a new role.

photo: Jennie Graham

Many people consider Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” the greatest play ever written. They must be right because a full house sat through the play’s rainy opening night at Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s outdoor Allen Theatre.

Rachael McDonald

This weekend an intentional community in Eugene will celebrate its 25th Anniversary. They’re having an open house Saturday.

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Jul 1, 2016

  The play Whose Life Is It Anyway? examines quality of life issues through the eyes of a paralyzed sculptor, portrayed by Blake Beardsley in the Very Little Theatre’s Stage Left production, July 1st through 10th. It’s directed by Cindy Solari , whose own medical journey offers parallels to that of the central character. Cindy and Blake speak with Eric Alan about issues and choices that can affect us all.