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Possible Extended School Year for Eugene 4J Students

Jan 10, 2017

Unusual patterns of hazardous weather have caused school closures for many area students. Districts must now find time to make up the missed days throughout the rest of the year.

University of Oregon

A University of Oregon Law Professor has been found to have violated the school’s policy against discrimination when she wore blackface for a Halloween costume. The UO released a report on the incident Wednesday.

Karen Richards


Oregon's legislature faces a tricky budget balancing act next year. For college aid, the governor recommends a focus on the student side of the equation. Given the budget's overall $1.7 billion dollar shortfall, it remains impossible to provide all the help Oregon's higher ed needs.


Springfield Downtown Languages Receives Major Grants

Nov 29, 2016
Downtown Languages

A Springfield non-profit wants to increase opportunities for immigrants. Downtown Languages has received two major grants to expand a couple of their programs.

Marcola School District.

Tonight, officials with the Marcola School District and Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde will hold a community meeting.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, the topic will be the district’s Native American-themed name and mascot.

Some Oregon universities are larger than they’ve ever been, but two of the state's largest universities got a bit smaller.

Portland State University shrank by more than 800 students. If not for its growing Latino student body, PSU would’ve gotten even smaller.

Two years ago, the state’s largest universities — PSU and Oregon State University — were almost exactly the same size. Portland State had 28,931 students; OSU had 28,886.

Jes Burns

Since Donald Trump’s presidential win, university students around the nation held rallies Wednesday calling on administrators to declare their schools “sanctuary campuses”.  The University of Oregon says it supports all its students regardless of immigration status.

Knopf Doubleday

A former U.S. diplomat spoke Monday with University of Oregon law students about how national security and foreign policy might play out under a President Donald Trump.
J. Kael Weston spent 7 years in Iraq and Afghanistan working for the State Department. He says it’s hard to know how Trump will approach international affairs.'s Brandy

Prospective students considering Western Oregon University for a college next fall can take standardized testing off the ‘to do’ list. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, officials have stopped requiring the ACTs and SATs.   

University of Oregon

University of Oregon President Michael Schill says he is saddened and angered that a law professor donned blackface to host a Halloween party.