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The push to raise the gas tax by nearly 12 cents per gallon gas is still alive in the Washington legislature. But time is running out.

The Idaho legislature adjourned its overtime session over the weekend.

Idaho Lawmakers Approve Gas Tax Increase, Adjourn Session

Apr 13, 2015

Idaho’s gas tax is set to go up 7 cents per gallon under a bill now awaiting the governor’s signature.

Idaho Legislature Nears Gas Tax Deal, Adjournment

Apr 10, 2015

Idaho’s gas tax could go up 7 cents per gallon under a proposed deal between the House and Senate.

The battle over raising Oregon's minimum wage will take center stage in the state legislature Monday.

Protestors Mark Two Months Since Pasco Shooting

Apr 10, 2015

It’s been two months since police in Pasco, Washington, shot and killed an orchard worker in a case that received national attention.

We know it's illegal to park in a disabled parking spot if you don't have a permit. Now, some Oregon lawmakers want to make it a costly infraction to take a spot reserved for electric vehicles.

A man sentenced to decades in prison for the shotgun slaying of a Spokane pizza delivery driver could be set free early.

There's money in a state highway budget that passed the Washington House Thursday to study a one-of-a-kind possible toll bridge fashioned out of retired Navy aircraft carriers.

A special committee in the Idaho legislature assigned to find a compromise deal on roads funding ended the day Thursday with plenty of frustration but, still no deal.