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Politics & Government

Committee To Hold Hearing on Health Care as Basic Right

Feb 19, 2018

The Oregon Senate health care committee is expected to hold a hearing today on one of the most controversial ideas to come out of the legislative session: making health care a basic right.

Oregon Lawmakers Approve Gun Control Measure

Feb 15, 2018
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Oregon lawmakers approved a gun control measure Thursday expanding the number of people who are prohibited from buying firearms if they have stalking or domestic violence convictions.

Jes Burns

The Eugene City Council voted 5 to 2 Monday to refer a city auditor proposal to the May 15th ballot. Now, voters will have two competing measures to choose from.

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Air Date: February 12, 2018

With tensions rising in the Korean Peninsula with an increase in missile testing by North Korea, it was a surprise to many to hear that North and South Korea were in talks to field a joint Women's Icy Hockey team - under one flag - 27 years after the last joint team fielded by the two countries.

Sam Bond's Brewing Facebook page

Craft brewers – including one in Eugene – are toasting a part of the contentious GOP tax bill recently signed by President Trump.

Oregon state Senator Jeff Kruse announced Thursday he will resign.

Nora Kent

A Lane Community College educator is challenging incumbent Jay Bozievich for the West Lane Commissioner Position, District 1.

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Add a sixth name to those running for the East Lane County Commissioner office.

Oregon Lawmakers Gather For Short Session

Feb 5, 2018
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The Oregon Legislature is back in town in Salem. Lawmakers gathered Monday to start their biannual short session and to hear Governor Kate Brown deliver her State of the State address.

City of Eugene

Efforts are moving forward to transform the area along the Willamette River near downtown Eugene. Last week, the city council heard from a Portland firm tasked with developing the Eugene Water & Electric property.

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Saturday, a Bronze Star veteran and non-profit director formally announced his bid for State Representative. 


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President Trump gave the State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday, January 30.  It was followed by a response from the Democratic Party.  View NPR's annotations and fact checks here.

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There will be lots of dreamers in the gallery at President Trump’s state of the union address Tuesday.

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Incumbent Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken has a challenger. All together, three board seats are in contention in the May Primary.

Carly Gabrielson

Monday, Congress came up with another temporary spending bill to stave off a government shutdown for three weeks. KLCC checked in with Oregon Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio.

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The Eugene City Council voted 4 to 3 Wednesday to advance a city auditor measure to the May ballot. Voters may have a choice between two competing proposals.

Unofficial Returns Show Measure 101 Passing Easily

Jan 23, 2018

Voters have overwhelmingly supported a package of health care taxes that will help cover the cost of insurance for more than 1 million Oregonians.

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Tuesday, January 23rd,  is Election Day and the last day to return a ballot for Oregon’s Special Election. KLCC reports that as of  today, turnout in Lane County is at 33%.

The federal government entered a partial shutdown at midnight Friday, raising a lot of questions.

Here's a rundown on what to expect in Oregon and southwest Washington.

Q: How much will the average person notice this shutdown?

If you’re not a federal employee — or the family member of one — it may not affect your daily life. If you get Social Security, your check should continue to arrive in the mail. Federal screeners and flight controllers will still be working at airports, so planes will be flying as usual.

Recorded On: January 19, 2018

Air Date: January 22, 2018

President Trump’s December 2017 announcement to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem rocked the holy city and the world. Today we hear from three speakers that add perspective to the issue.

Recorded On: January 19, 2018

Air Date: January 22, 2018

President Trump’s December 2017 announcement to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem rocked the holy city and the world. Today we hear from three speakers that add perspective to the issue.

Briana Friden

Thousands of people joined the 2nd annual Women’s March in Eugene Saturday. The crowd’s overwhelming mood was anti- President Trump.

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The January 23rd Special Election is next week. Lane County election officials say as of today they’ve received 69,941 ballots.

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A prominent African-American politician and analyst was in Eugene yesterday. Nina Turner discussed Martin Luther King Junior’s legacy in Trump-era America. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

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Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden is optimistic Congress will pass a spending bill by Friday, and avoid a government shutdown.

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Oregon’s U.S. Senator, Ron Wyden, is condemning President Trump’s profane description of several nations.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports (ADVISORY: The offensive word is used in this story.)

city accountability

Eugene voters may have two auditor measures to choose from on the May ballot. The Eugene City Council this week agreed to consider a proposal that would be alternative to Measure 20-283.

A group of Eugene residents has asked the City Council to consider a proposal for a city auditor. They’re hoping to place it on the May ballot as an alternative to measure 20-283.

Rachael McDonald

The City of Eugene is installing “smart” parking meters downtown where parking has been free.