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Voters in Oregon have said yes to recreational marijuana. Now state officials face a challenge: how to take the pot economy that’s been operating “under their noses” and turn it into a regulated market. A key question is what will happen to the state’s medical marijuana program.

The first thing you need to know is that Measure 91 doesn’t touch Oregon’s existing medical marijuana program.

Medical pot is exempt from the measure’s system of regulation, including the $35-an-ounce tax on marijuana flowers.

Nationally, turnout for this week's election was at an all-time low -- about 42 percent. But in Oregon it was on par with previous midterm elections at just under 70 percent. Election officials attribute this to the state's vote by mail system.

Tony Green is spokesman for Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown.

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A measure to require labeling of genetically modified foods was narrowly defeated by Oregon voters. Measure 92 was rejected by nearly 51 percent of voters with 49 percent approving. Opponents called the measure's failure a decisive victory. Spending on both sides was historic for Oregon. Opponents raised nearly $20 million, according to the Oregonian. Supporters raised about $8 million.

Supporters of Measure 92 said Oregon has the right to know if their food contains genetically engineered ingredients. Opponents said the labeling would increase food costs.


Three school district funding measures have been approved by Lane County voters. They will help pay staff salaries and make school improvements without affecting the districts' current budgets. KLCC's Corinne Boyer has more.

Democrats are on track to keep control of the Oregon house and improve their margins in the state senate.

Oregon Votes To Legalize Recreational Marijuana

Nov 5, 2014
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Oregonians have voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults. Washington DC also voted in favor of a pot measure. Oregon’s new law goes into effect in July of next year.

Excited college students gathered on the sidewalk outside the Measure 91 victory party.

Inside medical marijuana patients mingled with lawyers, retired policemen, and pot activists.

"Yes" campaign director Anthony Johnson thanked his volunteers and the voters and called legalization a more humane approach to drug policy.

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Oregon Democrat Peter DeFazio has won a 15th term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He arrived at a Democratic watch party at Cozmic Pizza in downtown Eugene Tuesday night to a throng of supporters.

Representative DeFazio reflected on the mid-term election and his opponent, Art Robinson.

Election Results

Nov 4, 2014

UPDATE: 9:01 am

All five incumbents have won re-election including:

Won: U.S. House District 1 (D) Suzanne Bonamici

Won: U.S. House District 2 (R) Greg Walden

Won: U.S. House District 3 (D) Earl Blumenauer

Won: U.S. House District 4 (D) Peter DeFazio

Won: U.S. House District 5 (D) Kurt Schrader

Larry Rich has defeated Mike Baker for Mayor of Roseburg.

Oregon General Election Unofficial Results

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What do Voodoo Doughnuts, the U of O duck, and  Oregon’s Secretary of State have in common? They were all on campus today (Monday) encouraging students to vote.

Dozens of students dropped their ballots in the box at U of O’s Erb Memorial Union at the event. Many stopped to talk to Scott Coltrane, the university’s interim president, and Kate Brown, Oregon’s Secretary of State. Brown says turnout is slightly behind where it was four years ago, but she’s confident the final numbers will at least equal that election:

Lane County

Lane County Commissioners Sid Leiken and Jay Bozievich released a statement Friday afternoon in response to the Oregon State Bar clearing a former administrator of criminal conduct.

The commissioners say Liane Inkster, formerly Liane Richardson, violated county policy by selling more leave time than was allowed and that she lied about it. Inkster was fired last year.