Contact Us

Street Address
136 W 8th Ave
Eugene OR 97401

Phone Numbers
General Info        541-463-6000
Announcer           541-463-5522 
FAX                       541-463-6046 
Pledge Line      1-800-922-3682  
Toll Free           1-800-922-3682

Business Office   541-463-6000  
Engineering         541-463-6010
General Info        541-463-6000
Membership        541-463-6020
Microbrew Fest   541-463-6000
Music                    541-463-6004
News                     541-463-6022
Programming     541-463-6003
PSA                       541-463-6000
Underwriting      541-463-6005
Webmaster          541-463-6030

Staff  Photos & Bios

General Manager           John Stark               541-463-6006
Chief Engineer                Chris Heck               541-463-6010
Development Director   Cheryl Crumbley    541-463-6005
Marketing Director        Gayle Chisholm       541-463-6030
Membership Director    Kris Fox                    541-463-6020
Music/Arts/Culture       Eric Alan                   541-463-6045
News Director                 Tripp Sommer         541-463-6002
Office Mgr/Traffic          Sallie H Leadon       541-463-6040
Program Director           Don Hein                  541-463-6003

Development Dir.         Cheryl Crumbley     541-463-6005
Underwriting Rep        Hal Hermanson        541-463-6007
Underwriting Rep        Kyle Hughes              541-463-6008

Music Hosts  Photos & Bios 
Music Hosts can be reached during their show at 541-463-5522 or by emailing

News Hosts & Reporters Photos & Bios 
News Hosts and Reporters can be reached during business hours at 541-463-6022 or by emailing

Board of Directors
Lane Community College Board of Education
KLCC Community Support Board

Directions to KLCC from I-5   Google Maps
- Take exit 194B to merge onto I-105/OR-126 W
- Take exit 2 for Coburg Rd
- Turn left onto Coburg Rd
- Go over the bridge
- Take the 8th Ave exit on your right  (8th Ave is a one-way heading west)
- Park in the city parking garage on W 8th & Willamette, or curbside near KLCC at 136 W 8th Ave

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