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Prior to Monday’s solar eclipse, we talked to an Oregon State University researcher about how the event might affect the world’s largest mass migration. KLCC’s Brian Bull has an update. 

Lane County

Lane County is seeking nearly $12 million to build a 50 unit housing complex for at risk and chronically homeless people in the area.

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Eugene’s 35th and newest SLUG Queen is Queen Santa Frida Babosita, the patron slug of arts and culture. She’s also known as Mija Andrade. She talks with KLCC’s Eric Alan about her goals as the city’s unofficial ambassador, including how it relates to her passion for the arts and her Mexican heritage. 


In the months leading up to the eclipse, everyone was inundated with warnings and projections about the unprecedented number of visitors expected in Oregon. Luckily many of the reports proved to be exaggerations. However for towns like Depoe Bay, the lower turnout was somewhat of a disappointment.

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Among the countless millions of people who viewed yesterday’s solar eclipse, were firefighters across the Pacific Northwest.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, suppression efforts in Oregon were actually helped by the event. 

Brian Bull

The 2017 solar eclipse has come and gone, capping off months of hype and anticipation.  In Eugene, people had a view of a little more than 99 percent of totality. KLCC reporters Brian Bull and Franziska Monahan spoke with eclipse watchers around town.

Brian Bull

As the moment of the total solar eclipse approaches this morning people are gathering to watch the moon pass over the sun. While thousands are in the path of totality, Eugene is expected to experience more than 99 percent totality. KLCC’s Brian Bull climbed Spencer’s Butte early this morning to get a good view.

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Heavy eclipse traffic started early on Wednesday in Prineville as visitors traveled east for the Symbiosis festival. It subsided by early Friday, however it’s now time for residents to brace themselves for when thousands of people leave the area after the event on Monday.


The Mayor of Depoe Bay, Barbara Leff, wants eclipse enthusiasts to know that contrary to some recent reports, the town’s shops, hotels, restaurants, and even marine wildlife are more than prepared for Monday’s eclipse.

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Monday's solar eclipse is drawing crowds to many public areas, including parks.  So Lane County officials are asking locals and visitors alike to “pack it in and pack it out”, so excess garbage and waste is kept to a minimum.