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While the focus of recent U.S. immigration debate is lately Latino or Muslim countries, migrants from other places are also paying attention. KLCC's Karen Richards spoke to several people in the Eugene area from non-targeted countries and has this report.



A man found floating in Eugene’s Amazon Creek has been identified. Eugene police say Dustin Nissen was reported missing March 26th.

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It’s going to be a dangerously windy and wet weekend in the region. As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, people are advised to buckle down, limit travel, and avoid the beaches.

This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett with a book review of “Too Shattered for Mending” by Peter Brown Hoffmeister.

I hesitated to read it.  A coming of age story set in the grim poverty of rural Idaho, written from the first person by an abandoned, dyslexic teen who’s in trouble at home, in school, and with the law. I wasn’t sure I wanted to immerse myself in the bleak world of Little McCardell. 

John Holloway/Recreational Fishing Alliance

Across the Oregon Coast, recreational fisherman can now catch rockfish in a part of the ocean that was once off limits. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson reports.

PeaceHealth Rides

If you’re in Eugene, you may start seeing blue bike rack stations around town soon. And in a couple weeks, you can get access to them. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson has more.

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The Mayor of Oakridge finds himself the target of a recall effort, after his unsuccessful push to have the city administrator removed from office. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

A program that brings books to young children in Eugene is seeking help to grow. As KLCC’s Rachael McDonald reports, the Imagination Library serves 4,000 kids in the community thanks to local contributions.

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More than 80 parents met at Springfield’s Academy of Arts and Academics last night, for facilitated discussions on the school’s future. A3 faces the loss of its charter status after revelations surfaced of a sexually-abusive relationship between its principal and a student. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Lane County

Eugene Police are investigating multiple threats made against Lane County officials. They’re also seeking tips from the public.

This year, Erik retired, relocated to Portland, and is now a full-time artist, To celebrate this transition, gallerist Karin Clarke curated this impressive show of nearly 40 paintings, mostly watercolors and acrylics on panel, all landscapes and seascapes
Sandy Brown Jensen

RE: Karin Clarke Gallery Erik Sandgren - Land and Sea April 4 - 28th.

Brian Bull / KLCC

A flyer circulating around England and possibly the U.S. is calling for people to attack Muslims. Unconfirmed rumors say the flyer has appeared on the Lane Community College campus. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports on how local Muslims are responding.

Jenny Graham / Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Shakespeare’s “Othello,” now playing in a well nuanced production at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, is always painful to watch. The Moor is a brilliant admiral who succeeds in protecting Venice from the Ottomans. But, like the hero of a Greek tragedy, his fatal flaw, being born black, guarantees his downfall.

State of Oregon

Oregon Governor Kate Brown is blasting the Trump administration’s move to roll back new auto mileage standards being phased in by 2025.

Anna King

Oregon U.S. Senator Ron Wyden has asked the National Rifle Association for information about the money it receives from foreign countries.


President Donald Trump stated via twitter Sunday that there will be no deal for DACA recipients in the United States. The Obama Administration started the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

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Eugene is receiving $90,000 in grant money. The Mozilla  Foundation – the non-profit arm of Firefox – is providing the funds, for what it calls “tech for good” projects.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports. 

John Fischer

Onions are a prime ingredient in so many recipes.   There are three ways to grow onions- seeds, starts, and sets.  Two won't surprise you, but one involves suspended animation.

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International Paper

Hayden Bridge Boat Ramp on the McKenzie River will reopen Saturday. Hayden Bridge Boat Ramp is located near the intersection of Hayden Bridge Road and Marcola Road in Springfield.

State of Oregon

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber will pay twenty thousand dollars for violating state ethics laws. As Dirk VanderHart reports, the new settlement is less than a potential fifty thousand dollar fine Kitzhaber faced.

The fine was approved unanimously by the Oregon Ethics Commission. It’s a much lower penalty than Kitzhaber might have paid, but also far higher than a settlement proposed last year.

Ethics Commission vice chair Richard Burke says the fine strikes the right balance.

Rachael McDonald

Candidates for two Eugene City Council seats spoke at a forum Friday.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Two boat ramps on the McKenzie River near Springfield will re-open Friday morning at 9 a.m.

WA Fish & Wildlife

Despite a late start to the season, it looks like Dungeness crab landings in Oregon might surpass last year’s numbers. KLCC’s Deonna Anderson has more.

Multnomah County

A fight over Oregon’s campaign finance laws could lead to huge changes in state elections. Now, backers of those changes say they’ll try to speed the process  way up. KLCC's Dirk VanderHart talks with KLCC's Rachael McDonald about the court case and the potential impact statewide.

Eugene 4J School District is considering a standard schedule for all of its schools.

Eugene Police

Police are investigating at least 11 robberies that have occurred in Eugene since February 23rd. The latest was Tuesday when a man says his bicycle was stolen at gunpoint by two men in west Eugene.

Liam Moriarty / JPR

Oregon’s sprawling Second Congressional District encompasses roughly the eastern two-thirds of the state. Greg Walden -- the only Republican in Oregon’s delegation -- has represented the district since 19-99, and has routinely been re-elected by huge majorities. This year, seven Democrats are competing for the chance to unseat Walden in the fall.

Eugene School District 4J

The Eugene School District is considering the implementation of a common schedule for all of its students.

Andrew Talabere / EWEB

Over two days last week, Eugene Water and Electric Board took a slow approach to the draw down of Leaburg Lake. The hope is to help save the lives of an eel-like fish that’s important to northwest Indian tribes.