Document Release
12:33 pm
Wed January 21, 2015

22,000 Pages Of Electronic Documents "Unlawfully" Released From University Of Oregon

Johnson Hall on the University of Oregon Campus.
Credit Visitor7

Two unnamed University of Oregon employees have been put on leave after 22,000 pages of electronic records were released from the president's office. Interim President Scott Coltrane claims the release was unlawful.

The information was requested by an unidentified professor and released without being inspected to meet state and federal privacy laws.  

The documents include confidential information and correspondence between the university's last four presidents and parents, students and faculty.

Tobin Klinger is a UO spokesman:

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Hult Center
6:00 am
Wed January 21, 2015

Branford Marsalis with the Eugene Symphony

Branford Marsalis
Credit Photo by Eric Alan

The Eugene Symphony welcomes one of this era’s pre-eminent instrumentalists, as saxophonist Branford Marsalis arrives this week for a performance and educational residency. He will perform with the Eugene Symphony on Thursday, January 22nd on Jacques Ibert’s Concertino da camera and John Williams’s Escapades. He will also teach master classes for middle and high school students, lead discussions at the UO, and coach both the UO and LCC jazz bands. Branford Marsalis joins Eric Alan in the KLCC studios.

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5:00 am
Wed January 21, 2015

Eugene School District 4J Kicks Off School Choice Events & Lottery Process

Eugene School District 4J is offering parents and students ways to help choose which school to attend next year.

4J has a long-standing system of allowing families to apply for enrollment in schools outside their neighborhood. Spokeswoman Kerry Delf explains.

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Arts & Culture
8:16 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Oregon's Only Professional Latino Theater Company Thrives at Thirty

Credit Milagro

It's a milestone for Oregon's only professional Latino theater group...30 years of performances.  Milagro Theater comes to Roseburg next month.

(sounds of set building)

Milagro is getting a show ready to go on the road. The painted cloth, canvas and rope emulate a circus. Co-founder Dañel Malan says that goes back to the roots of Latin American peasant theater:

"The campesino came from the old tradition of carpa, so that was how they would do the shows, in a tent."

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6:17 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Lane County Health Officials Look For Other Measles Cases

Measles rash.

Lane County Public Health officials kicked into high gear Tuesday after a case of measles was confirmed in Eugene. They have launched a full investigation to determine the potential reach of the case. It is believed the un-named 40-something man who lives and works in Eugene, contracted the disease while at Disneyland.
County Health spokesman Jason Davis says hundreds of people  have been notified, interviewed and in some cases, tested.

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2:04 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Animal Rights Group Takes On Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari has been in the cross hairs of an animal rights group for more than a decade.  Last week,  "In Defense of Animals"  named the park outside Winston to its “10 Worst Zoos for Elephants” list.  This is the 12th consecutive year

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Tonight at 6 PM
12:37 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

State of the Union Address will air on KLCC

Tonight,  January 20, President Obama will deliver his State of the Union address starting at 6 pm.  

NPR will provide live anchored coverage of the President’s speech as well as the Republican response from Senator Joni Ernst of Iowa.

Robert Siegel will host. He'll be joined in the studio by White House Correspondent Tamara Keith, National Political Correspondent Mara Liasson and Senior Washington Editor Ron Elving. NPR’s Ailsa Chang will report live from the House chamber.

KLCC coverage of the speech and analysis will conclude at 8 pm.


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12:01 pm
Tue January 20, 2015

Measles Case Confirmed in Lane County

A case of measles has been confirmed in Eugene. Lane County Public Health officials say it's believed to be related to an outbreak linked to Disney theme parks in Southern California.
County Health spokesman Jason Davis says a Eugene man in his 40s went with his family to a Disney park in the outbreak area. After returning to Eugene, he  displayed symptoms and went to a medical provider.
Davis says he believes this is the first Oregon case linked to the Disney parks outbreak. It's the first measles case in Lane County since 2007.

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11:36 am
Tue January 20, 2015

UO Student Hospitalized With Infection That Causes Meningitis

Credit Jes Burns

There have been no new reports of University of Oregon students becoming ill with a bacterial infection that causes meningitis. A student who was diagnosed with the infection has been hospitalized and is reported to be in stable condition. 

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Spring Creek Project
8:31 am
Tue January 20, 2015

Global Warming, Extinction and the Call to Life

Kathleen Dean Moore

Philosopher and nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore will merge her words with the music of Rachmaninoff, as performed by concert pianist Rachelle McCabe, in an event called Rage, Rage Against the Dying: Global Warming, Extinction and the Call to Life at the Corvallis-Benton Public Library on Wednesday evening, January 21st. Kathleen Dean Moore speaks with Eric Alan.

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