Diane Dietz

Last week's violent shootings in Dallas, Louisiana and Minnesota have provoked strong emotions nationwide. Here, in Eugene, a community reacted.

Each year, Oregon County Fair honors loved ones who have passed on. This is the remembrance of one fair family member: Hershel Bloom. Hershel came to Eugene in the mid 70’s and was drawn to volunteer at Whitebird Clinic, then a fledgling crisis support network. Bobbie Dritz volunteered for Whitebird too and he became fast friends with Hersh.

Diane Dietz

This week's shootings of two African-American men by police as well as the killing of five Dallas police officers by a sniper brought strong feelings from the Eugene community.

Katelyn Carey is an Ashland nurse on a mission: to provide comfort and hope to people with breast cancer.

Prep Underway For OCF

Jul 8, 2016
Brian Bull

The 47th annual Oregon Country Fair certainly isn’t shy of pageantry and spectacle.  But getting the 280-acres prepped and ready for the crush of crowds this weekend doesn’t happen on its own. KLCC’s Brian Bull visited the fairgrounds while crews and vendors set up, and learned right off that preparation is all a matter of scale…literally.

Kira Hoffelmeyer

This weekend the Oregon Country Fair marks its 47th year, a near-half century of music, body paint, and environmentally-friendly counterculture.  Roughly 50,000 people are expected to show during the three-day event, west of Eugene.  KLCC’s Brian Bull visited with a longtime coordinator of the fair, who’s just taken on a new role.

Angela Kellner

People from all over the world flock to the Oregon Country Fair just outside of Eugene to enjoy a weekend of music, art and to reminisce about hippy-er times.

KLCC’s Kira Hoffelmeyer has some pre-fair details.

Rachael McDonald

People on the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or SNAP, can get more for their money at the Lane County Farmers Market.

Coos Bay Rail Link

The Coos Bay Rail Line will receive $11 million in federal funds. The Department of Transportation is awarding a grant to fix tunnels along the tracks linking Eugene and Coquille. KLCC spoke with Democratic Congressman Peter DeFazio about the project.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Conservation groups have gotten the go-ahead to challenge wolf de-listing in Oregon.  a state court of appeals judge says the lawsuit can go forward despite recent legislation.