This is KLCC.  I’m Connie Bennett, Director of Eugene Public Library, with a book review of Phil Knight’s "Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the creator of Nike.”

Eugene 4J Schools

Eugene 4J and Bethel school districts will both be adding a number of school days to their calendars, including several days in June.

Rachael McDonald

The Lane County Board of Commissioners plans to ask voters to renew a public safety levy to fund jail beds. The 5-year levy will be placed on the May 2017 ballot.

Brian Bull / KLCC

A winter storm watch is expected to hit the Eugene area tomorrow morning. 

Rachael McDonald

From professors to college students to families with small children—the impacts of President Trump’s immigration ban continue to reverberate. The suspension of immigrants and refugees from 7 Muslim majority countries affects some people living in Eugene.

Brian Bull / KLCC

Hundreds gathered Tuesday inside the Willamette Christian Center in Eugene to celebrate the life of Ed Coleman.  In his 84 years, Coleman took on many roles, including English professor, civil rights advocate, and musician...before dying January 21st from complications from influenza.  KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Senator Merkley Vows To Filibuster SCOTUS Nominee

Jan 31, 2017

Oregon Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley says he’ll filibuster President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee — no matter who it is.

Rachael McDonald

The City of Eugene may declare itself a sanctuary city as soon as next month. A task force has begun meeting to draft an ordinance and the City Council is expected to consider it in February. In the wake of President Trump’s executive order last week threatening to withhold federal funds from sanctuary jurisdictions, KLCC’s Rachael McDonald spoke with Eugene Mayor Lucy Vinis.

AG Rosenblum Threatens Legal Action In Response To Executive Order

Jan 30, 2017
Oregon Department of Justice

Political leaders in Oregon are reacting defiantly to President Donald Trump’s executive order strictly limiting who can enter the United States.