Brewfest Music Sale Feb 6-7
11:03 am
Tue December 2, 2014


Time to purge your music collection??  KLCC is now collecting records and CDs for the upcoming  Mega Music Sale,  part of the KLCC Microbrew Festival on February 6 & 7, 2015.

Please drop off your records and CDs at KLCC, 136 W 8th Ave, Eugene during business hours.  We are collecting music through February 4

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Social Justice
6:53 am
Tue December 2, 2014

Informal Mortgage Arrangements Leave Undocumented Buyers Vulnerable

Credit US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Even as the White House moves to announce an executive order overhauling American immigration policy, many people who bought houses while living here illegally will continue to face fallout from unorthodox real estate deals. Historically, undocumented immigrants have had few options for formal financing, leading to informal arrangements with some risky consequences.

After an early morning shift at the warehouse where she packs apples, Maria rests her elbows on the kitchen counter of her tidy home in the Yakima Valley.

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UO Graduate Teaching Fellows
5:46 am
Tue December 2, 2014

UO Grad Students Go on Strike Today

The GTFF unveiled a banner at their rally at Johnson Hall Tuesday.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

15-hundred Graduate Teaching Fellows at the University of Oregon are set to go on strike Tuesday.  This is the first labor strike in the 38-year-old union's history. About 200 GTFs and their supporters rallied Monday evening  in front of Johnson Hall, the Administration Building on campus.

Chanting: "GTFF, GTFF, GTFF,…. "

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4:25 pm
Mon December 1, 2014

PeaceHealth Nurses Call Staffing Policies Inadequate And Dangerous

Nurses and other caregivers say Sacred Heart Medical Center at RiverBend has inadequate staffing policies.
Credit PeaceHealth RiverBend

Nurses and doctors PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center have a problem with inadequate staffing. They say "staff to patient ratios" are insufficient and lead to more errors, infections and injuries. Now they've started an online petition to get the community involved.

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Oregon Budget
12:07 pm
Mon December 1, 2014

Kitzhaber Unveils $18.6 Billion Spending Plan

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber unveiled his 2015-2017 spending plan during a press conference at the state capitol in Salem.
Credit Chris Lehman

Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber has unveiled an $18.6 billion spending plan for the next two years. The Democrat outlined his proposal at the state capitol Monday. Roughly half of the money is marked for education. Kitzhaber says his budget also includes tax relief for low-income workers.

John Kitzhaber: "To ensure that hard work is actually rewarded with a better life…to ensure that when you get more wages, when your income goes up, you actually have more money, not less money in your pocket."

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Homeless campers
10:46 am
Mon December 1, 2014

Long-Term Campers Restricted From Umpqua National Forest


New camping rules for parts of the Umpqua National Forest near Cottage Grove go into effect today (Monday). Officials say long-term, homeless campers have created unsanitary conditions.

Camping along portions of Brice Creek and Sharps Creek will be limited to 14 days in a 45-day period. Melissa Swain is with the Cottage Grove Ranger District. She says the rule is changing because some campers have not kept clean sites:

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Good Gardening
8:24 am
Mon December 1, 2014

Good Gardening: Miracle Leaves

Credit John Fischer

Would you be interested in a garden product that adds fertility to you soil, saves water, and cuts down on weeding-- all while helping the environment?
  Then you're ready for Miracle Leaves.

  John- this is NPR.  Can we tone it down a bit.

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6:29 am
Mon December 1, 2014

Protecting Forests From Increasing Wildfires

Susan Prichard takes a picture of an area of the Carlton Complex that was completely devastated by wildfire. The Carlton Complex was the largest fire in Washington's history.
Credit Courtney Flatt / Earthfix

This summer, the Carlton Complex wildfire swept through north-central Washington. The fire consumed more acres than any other fire in the state’s history. Now, ecologists are trying to make forests more sustainable to help prevent these large-scale fires.

Fire ecologist Susan Prichard was driving from Seattle to her home in Winthrop just as the Carlton Complex fire picked up.

Prichard: “I saw the plume of smoke, and I felt the wind. At that moment, I hadn’t even possibly considered that the fire could race all the way down to the Columbia River.”

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College Football
9:15 am
Sun November 30, 2014

Ducks Rout Beavers In 118th Civil War


The University of Oregon Ducks continued their winning streak against in-state rival Oregon State in the 118th Civil War game yesterday (Saturday). The Ducks routed the Beavers 47 to 19 in Corvallis.

The Ducks went into Reeser Stadium focused on finishing the regular season with a victory against their arch-rivals. The Beavers needed a win just to be bowl eligible. Quarterback Marcus Mariota put on a show throwing for 367 yards and four touchdowns and ran for 39 yards and two more scores. The Heisman candidate praised his teammates for the season they've shared.

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Transportation & Safety
5:00 am
Sat November 29, 2014

Contract Workers At PDX Site Safety Concerns And Exposure To Hazardous Materials

Leaky fuel hoses and fuel trucks in need of maintenance are some of the concerns cited by behind-the-scenes workers for airline subcontractors at Portland International Airport.
Credit Photo credit: starush/

At Oregon's largest airport, hundreds of behind-the-scenes staff are working to accommodate the holiday crowds.

Many workers at Portland International Airport are employed by airline subcontractors. Some of them say their employers aren't providing the tools needed to do their jobs safely and efficiently.

Matthew Johnson refuels planes for Aircraft Service International Group.

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