Armando Morales

Ahora Si! Host

Ahora Si! is hosted by Armando Morales, Jill Torres, Francisco Morales, Saul Rodriguez and Victoria Morales.

Ahora Si!

Ahora Si! provides music, news and events information for the Latino community. The program is considered bi-lingual, but is delivered mostly in Spanish. Musical styles include traditional music of the Americas, African/Caribbean music, new songs, romantic music, and Latin rock.

The oldest Spanish speaking radio program in the state of Oregon, Ahora Si! (meaning "Now yes!") has provided this cultural service to the area's Latino community for more than 20 years. Armando Morales joined the program in 1982, and still presides as father figure of the show. He has shaped the program over the years into its current four unique segments, covering a span of musical styles from romantic to political.