Amanda is a volunteer reporter from University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication.

All Things Considered Host/Reporter

Angela Kellner is the KLCC host of All Things Considered and a reporter. Angela began as a KLCC volunteer in 1991 when she was in high school. While a...


Claude Offenbacher has been a reporter/host at KLCC since 1999.

Book Reviewer

Connie Bennett, Director of the Eugene Public Library, reviews books for KLCC.

Weekend Edition Host / Reporter

Desmond O'Boyle is KLCC's local host of Weekend Edition

He graduated from Colorado Mesa University with an AA in 2006. Shortly after, he moved to...

Music, Arts & Culture Host

Eric Alan is KLCC’s music, arts and culture host. The music performances he hosts on KLCC air during Q; his interviews and features air during The Takeaway, The World and other programs. He joined KLCC in 2010 as a host of the...


Jacob Lewin is a veteran  radio journalist whose work has been featured on Morning Edition, Marketplace, the Northwest News Network, and Oregon Public Radio as well as

All Things Considered Host / Reporter

Jes Burns is KLCC's local host of All Things Considered.

Natural World Host

John Cooney has been a volunteer at KLCC since 1979.  His current work on Natural World began in 1999. 

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Karen Richards has been a volunteer reporter since the fall of 2012.