• JazzSunday Host

    Jeffrey Ogburn, host of JazzSunday, has been a volunteer jazz host at KLCC since 1975! 

  • Tropical Beat Host

    Jonathan Ward has been hosting Tropical Beat since 2011.

  • Straight Street Host

    Beginning with bluegrass in 1975, continuing with a bit of classical in college and including a 10-year stint as a blues deejay, Julie has been involved with radio since she was a teenager. She thanks Steve Helwig for introducing her to soul...

  • Reporter

    Karen Richards has been a volunteer reporter since the fall of 2012.

  • Mist Covered Mountain Host

    Colorado native KJ loves all kinds of music, even embarrassing 80s hair metal, emo, and banjo, but especially the bagpipes. KJ has been hosting Mist Covered Mountain...

  • Friends & Neighbors Host

    Kobi Lucas has been host of Friends & Neighbors since 1992.

  • New Terrain & Continental Drift Host
    1. Kyle Christopher is host of New Terrain on Tuesdays, and Continental Drift on Fridays. 
  • Reporter

    Kyra Buckley has been a volunteer in KLCC’s newsroom since August 2015. She graduated from the University of Oregon in December 2015 with a BA in Journalism and Political Science. At the UO she held leadership positions on student run...

  • Substitute Jazz Host

    Larry Koenigsberg has been a jazz host at KLCC since 1983.

  • Night Jazz Wednesday Host

    Night Jazz with Naamon features a diverse range of jazz fusion, mixing international beats, soulful songs, and national jazz treasures.

    Naamon Dishmon has been host of