Frank Gosar

Saturday Cafe Host

Note:  Frank hosted his last show on March 28, 2015.  The Cafe is now officially closed!!  Here are some photos from the last show.   Thanks for listening, everyone!

Frank Gosar grew up in a house without a radio in rural Wisconsin.  He made up for lost time in college, discovering "Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio and "A Prairie Home Companion" on MPR.  Eventually he joined the ranks of public radio volunteers, writing and telling children's stories (and eventually writing and recording songs) for WLSU/La Crosse's "Earticklers."

When he came to Eugene for graduate school in 1985, he became a fan of KLCC's folk music programs, especially The Saturday Cafe.  Since 1990, he's hosted the show.

Frank is a full-time potter, selling his work at the Eugene Saturday Market and other art and craft fairs, and previewing folk music for KLCC in his clay studio.  He lives on River Road with his wife Denise, two cats, and a great number of teddy bears.

Ways To Connect

  Rita Hosking's upcoming CD is a concept album inspired by a series of drawings she did. She talks about her journey to write the hero's journey, introduces her alter ego, "Rhonda Hosking and the Original Sinners," and unveils an unexpected tribute on the final Saturday Cafe.

 Folksinger, song-collector and autoharpist Adam Miller travels over 70,000 miles a year with his guitar, repertoire of over 5,000 songs, and one of three 1985 Wildwood Flower autoharps.

He talks with Frank about autoharp history and culture, children's reactions to the device (they love it) and which side of the Mississippi is more autoharp-friendly (hint: not this one).

Miller performs Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 4 pm at Tsunami Books in Eugene.

Susan McKeown has recently returned to her native Dublin, but decades living in New York have informed her music and songwriting. She is performing with Kyle Sanna in Eugene February 21 and Newberg February 22.


After years of touring with their respective bands, Ty Greenstein and Ingrid Elizabeth decided to take some time off the road to focus on songwriting and the Real Women, Real Songs challenge. One year and 104 songs later, their new duo, Mouths of Babes was born.

David Stuart Bull, Linda Danielson and Chico Schwall have been performing Dylan Thomas' A Child's Christmas in Wales with musical accompaniment for nearly three decades. How do they keep their Celtic Holiday of story and song fresh?

Charlotte Thistle's newest project is a series of stories and songs inspired by her late mother's unpublished memoirs. She drops in on a family Thanksgiving Saturday Cafe to give us a preview.

  Dorian Michael has been playing guitar for forty-six years.  He says folk, blues, jazz, rock, all have found their way into his music.

Misty River on KLCC

May 10, 2014

  In 1997, a mother and daughter, with another friend and one of the mother's guitar students, took the stage at an open mic in Portland.  Seventeen years, five CDs and a DVD later, Misty River gets back together to celebrate Mother's Day and music with a tour that includes The Saturday Cafe.

Jay Ungar, his wife Molly Mason, daughter Ruthy and son-in-law Mike Merenda are continuing a great folk music tradition: the traveling family band. With two small children and any number of musical instruments in the mini-van, the Ungar/Mason Family Band bring good times and music to the Shedd in Eugene.  Awaiting their arrival: a double bass and a babysitter...  

Claudia Schmidt has been a touring professional musician for over four decades, with nineteen albums of mostly original songs, exploring folk, blues, and jazz and spoken word. Her spring tour brought her to Salem and Eugene with her new Red House release, New Whirled Order.