Frank Gosar

Saturday Cafe Host

Frank Gosar grew up in a house without a radio in rural Wisconsin.  He made up for lost time in college, discovering "Simply Folk" on Wisconsin Public Radio and "A Prairie Home Companion" on MPR.  Eventually he joined the ranks of public radio volunteers, writing and telling children's stories (and eventually writing and recording songs) for WLSU/La Crosse's "Earticklers."

When he came to Eugene for graduate school in 1985, he became a fan of KLCC's folk music programs, especially The Saturday Cafe.  Since 1990, he's hosted the show.

Frank is a full-time potter, selling his work at the Eugene Saturday Market and other art and craft fairs, and previewing folk music for KLCC in his clay studio.  He lives on River Road with his wife Denise, two cats, and a great number of teddy bears.


Live on the Saturday Cafe
5:37 pm
Sat February 1, 2014

Mamo: Hawaiian duo on the Saturday Cafe

Mamo's Jeff Peterson and Nathan Aweau in the KLCC studios.

Jeff Peterson grew up with slack-key guitar as the child of Paniolos, Hawaiian cowboys.   Nathan Aweau grew up with jazz and classical music, only coming to traditional music later.   Performing together as Mamo, they show that island music is so much more than steel guitars and Don Ho.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
11:20 am
Mon January 13, 2014

Larry Pattis

Finger style guitarist Larry Pattis uses his hands--and guitar--to paint pictures and tell stories.  He's returning to music after a long absence, performing January 11 at Creswell Coffee Company.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
10:50 am
Sun December 22, 2013

Kathryn Claire on KLCC

Kathryn Claire

So much of the music we hear this time of year seems to come from the British Isles:  Christmas, Solstice, songs to drive cold winter away.

Kathryn Claire, Ara Lee and Zak Borden bring a few more songs to the Saturday Cafe on their way to a Winter Solstice show at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in Eugene.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
11:10 am
Sun December 15, 2013

A Celtic Christmas

David Stuart Bull, Linda Danielson and Chico Schwall

If the hallmark of a great Christmas story is shared experience, future generations will tell of hearing A Child's Christmas in Wales performed by David Stuart Bull with musicians Chico Schwall and Linda Danielson.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
1:42 pm
Sat November 16, 2013

The Gloria Darlings and the Gin Jars

Touring south for the winter, the Gloria Darlings swing by the Saturday Cafe, and show how, with the change of one musician (and their entire repertoire) they magically become the Gin Jars.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
1:58 pm
Sat November 9, 2013

Tom Rawson

Folksinger and storyteller has also been a teacher for 20 years ("Real musicians have day jobs," he says.) We talk about the benefits of music on learning, and he cues us in on the latest tool of the folk process: YouTube.

Rawson performs with a capella group In Acchord Saturday, Nov. 9, 7 pm at the Eugene Friends Meeting House, 2274 Onyx St., Eugene.

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Live on the Saturday Cafe
1:27 pm
Sat October 5, 2013

Mina Wegner on the Saturday Cafe

Mina Wegner

Mina Wegner first stepped on stage with the Sugar Beets at age 11.  Tonight she celebrates her 18th birthday opening for them at Cozmic in Eugene.  She and her father Jeremy join Frank live on the Saturday Cafe.


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