Franziska Monahan

News Volunteer

Franziska is a UO Journalism Student and KLCC News Dept Volunteer for the 2016-2017 school year.

Ways to Connect

Non-profit internet provider Mozilla has chosen Eugene as its next Gigabit City. This is basically a gold star for the city’s innovations in internet technology.

International students at the University of Oregon remain cautious after President Trump’s revised executive order on travel from six Muslim-majority countries.

EWEB and the City of Eugene are moving forward this March with the construction of a publicly owned, high-speed fiber internet network for the downtown area.

Wednesday the Trump Administration revoked federal guidelines saying transgender students have the right to use bathrooms and locker rooms that align with their gender identity.

Eugene and Springfield residents may be discouraged to see snow showers predicted for later this week.

Robert Lawton

From wind to avalanche warnings, all sorts of weather advisories have been issued throughout Oregon today.

Wednesday, February 15th, is the deadline for parents to have their school aged kids vaccinated without being sent home from school. Parents of children with missing immunizations should have received a letter with instructions on how to fulfill school vaccine requirements. Oregon Health Authority’s Stacy de Assis Matthews says it's important that children are up to date on their vaccines.

Eugene 4J Schools

Eugene 4J and Bethel school districts will both be adding a number of school days to their calendars, including several days in June.

Oregon Office of Emergency Management

Thursday (1/26) marks 317 years since the last recorded Cascadia Quake. As KLCC’s Franziska Monahan reports, the date is being honored with emergency preparedness reminders and new legislation.

Oregon State University /

Oregon State University has voted to divest itself from its fossil fuel stocks. It remains to be seen if Oregon’s other public universities will follow suit.