Tripp Sommer

KLCC News Director

Tripp Sommer began as a volunteer at KLCC in 1981.  He became KLCC News Director in 1988, serving at various times as host of Morning Edition, Northwest Passage and News at Noon. 

Sommer is the recipient of Public Radio News Directors Inc's (PRNDI) 2014 Leo C. Lee Award.

Ways to Connect

Jarl Mohn, NPR's President and CEO, visited KLCC on Wednesday, October 7.  He spoke with KLCC's Tripp Sommer about NPR's strong suit.

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Tom Gannon will soon take the reigns at the Oregon Country Fair. He's been getting on-the-job training this summer from OCF General Manager Charlie Ruff. KLCC's Tripp Sommer spoke with Ruff Sunday afternoon as he reflected on his legacy at the non-profit.

Tony Biglan is a senior scientist at Oregon Research Institute.  His new book is called "The Nurture Effect – How the Science of Human Behavior can Improve Our Lives and Our World".  Doctor Biglan speaks with KLCC's Tripp Sommer.

Dr. Tony Biglan gives a presentation based on his book, "The Nurture Effect", Wednesday (5/13/15) at 7:00 at Oregon Research Institute, 1776 Millrace Drive in Eugene.

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum stopped by the KLCC studios this week to check in with our listeners. Her conversation with KLCC's Tripp Sommer covers the ongoing federal investigation of John Kitzhaber and Cylvia Hayes as well as the recent resignation of U.S. Attorney Amanda Marshall.

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Native American activist Suzan Harjo will speak Thursday at Lane Community College. She's director of the Morningstar Institute, and a recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom. She talks with KLCC's Tripp Sommer about efforts to remove native mascots from sports teams.

Suzan Harjo will speak Thursday as part of the 8th Annual Peace Symposium at Lane Community College.

Joey is crowd funding to raise money for his scientific studies. For more information, click here:


An unnamed professor was able to procure 22,000 pages of documents from the University of Oregon Archives earlier this month. The administration is demanding those documents back citing privacy concerns. It's place 2 archivists on leave. KLCC's Tripp Sommer talks with Register-Guard Higher Education reporter Diane Dietz.

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Greg Anton is best known as a drummer in the band Zero. He's also a composer and and attorney. Greg's latest creation is "Face the Music", his first novel. Greg talks with KLCC's Tripp Sommer.

Greg Anton will be in Eugene Friday night at Cozmic to sign books and play in his band "The Rock Collection."

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Robert Leo Heilman, from down Myrtle Creek way, did some commentaries and baseball playoff reporting for us back in the day. He's in town to herald the 20th anniversary of his book of essays, "Overstory Zero: Real Life in Timber Country."

There will be a pre-release party at "While Away Books" in Roseburg Sunday, November 16th from 2-4 pm.

KLCC's Tripp Sommer has this interview.

John Stark

NPR's Howard Berkes got his start in radio at KLCC more 35 years ago. He's back for a visit and a conversation with KLCC News Director Tripp Sommer. Berkes's new investigative series on mine safety begins on All Things Considered Wednesday.