AAA: Seasonal Fuel Swap, Refinery Maintenance, Drive Up Gas Prices

Mar 15, 2017

After Utah, Oregon is seeing one of the highest jumps in gas prices over the past month.  As KLCC’s Brian Bull reports, production and maintenance costs are behind the boost.  

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AAA spokesman Matthew Conde says the national average is currently at $ 2.29 cents per gallon, while Oregon’s is at $2.68.  That’s an increase of sixteen cents in the past month.

“And Oregon’s prices went up mostly due to getting out ahead of the game with summer blend fuel, and catching up on some much needed maintenance at several refineries," explains Conde.  "Two refineries in Washington and one in California, (which) slowed down the supply.

"And when that happens, it definitely has an impact.”  

Summer blend fuel is simply gas that’s treated with additives to keep it from evaporating in the hotter temperatures.

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Conde says he expects to see 30 percent more refinery maintenance nationwide from last year. 

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