'Altitude' Legal Pot Store Opens In Eastern Washington Farming Town

Jul 8, 2014

Legal marijuana stores opened Tuesday morning in Washington state. One of the earliest locations to open was in the rural Eastern Washington farming community of Prosser.

The “Altitude” marijuana store in Prosser is housed in a neat, doublewide trailer. It opened with a long line, a few protestors and polite applause.

Waiting in line to get his first gram of legal weed was 28-year-old Jacob Nichols. He said he’s smoked many times before, but was still excited to get some legal pot.

“It’s more regulated here, and you get from what I’ve heard good quality, and its goes through testing," Nichols said. "You know where it’s from.”

About two dozen stores were licensed by the state this week from Seattle to Spokane. But how much supply the stores will have over the coming days is still unclear.

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