ASUO Votes To Condemn Federal Blood Discrimination Policy

Jun 4, 2014

Credit Waldszenen

Members of the University of Oregon student government are hoping to push back on a federal policy from the 1980s that prevents gay men from donating blood. They will vote on a resolution Wednesday evening.

The resolution condemns US Federal policy that does not allow gay men to donate blood. The policy came about in the early years of the HIV epidemic. But U of O student Robert Morus says it violates the University’s Anti-Discrimination Policy. He says the resolution would implement changes in campus blood drives so students become aware of how the regulation discriminates.

Morus: “We would like the University to require blood drives to offer a petition when donors come to donate their blood which would state their intention to donate in honor of those that cannot. And then send their concerns towards elected officials in Washington.”

Morus filed a formal discrimination claim against the University of Oregon's on-campus blood drives back in April. Administration officers wanted to hear how other students felt, so Morus presented his resolution to the student senate.

Morus: “Every single member of the senate co-sponsored this resolution. They all feel so strongly that discrimination has no place at the University of Oregon.”

Morus says he has not received a response to his *original complaint from the University.

The ASUO meeting will be held Wednesday evening at 7:00 in the Walnut Room of the EMU on the University of Oregon Campus.