Authorities Call On Residents To Report Illegal Fireworks Ahead Of July 4th

Jun 28, 2017

Eugene-Springfield officials want the public’s help in tracking illegal fireworks. KLCC’s Brian Bull reports.

Roman candles light up the night, and hopefully not the lawn.
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Between now and June 30th, Eugene police and fire authorities want leads on addresses where people have used explosive and uncontrolled fireworks. These include Roman candles, bottle rockets, and any other pyrotechnic device that flies through the air or ejects balls of fire. 

Some fireworks spray sparks and fireballs every which way, making EPD and fire officials wary.
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Debbie Janecek of the Eugene Police says illegal fireworks are of great concern.

“Obviously there’s the safety issue, they can be very unpredictable," explains Janecek.

"There’s the fire safety issue with things that can go up into the air like they do and not knowing where they’re going to come down.

"When it comes to the tips of locations of past use, our crime prevention specialists will be going into those areas and trying to make some proactive contacts with people, to prevention contacts just to ask them to keep it safe and to keep it legal.” 

Tips can be called in to the EPD’s non-emergency phone number.

People caught with illegal fireworks can be fined up to $2,500 and face a six-month jail sentence.  Last year in Oregon, nearly 200 fireworks-related fires caused half a million dollars in property damage.

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