Benton County Ranks Healthiest In Oregon

Mar 26, 2014

New rankings say the healthiest people in Oregon live in Benton County. The annual report is from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. It measures factors such as education, income, tobacco use and quality of life.

Charlie Fautin is the Deputy Director of the Benton County Health Department. He says it's great to rank first in the state, but there are plenty of people in Benton County who are not doing as well as they could.

Fautin:"We use this as an opportunity to point at the disparities in health and education, social status and economics that exist within our county and try and highlight those and remind ourselves and all of our partners that there is still important work to do."

Lane County ranked 18th for health outcomes, which measures length and quality of life. It ranked 7th for health factors, which includes behaviors, the physical environment and social and economic aspects.