Bethel Adds Back School Days

Jan 29, 2014

Students at Eugene's Bethel School District will get five days back in their academic calendar this spring.

Bethel is adding back 2 days because of the snow days in December. It's restoring 3 other days because of a better budget outlook.
Credit Bethel School District

That's a combination of make up days for last month's snowstorm and a better budget outlook. The district is adding the 5 days back the week following spring break. That week in April had been scheduled as Budget Reduction Days. Bethel Superintendent Colt Gill says the district surveyed students, parents and staff.

Gill: "Results were pretty overwhelming that April was the choice that families wanted and staff wanted. It's a much better academic week for students. It comes before students participate in their Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate test and also before they test for essential skills to earn their Oregon diploma."

Gill says the week will give students more time to prepare. The district was able to add back days due to changes made by the legislature to PERS benefits. Gill says next year Bethel will receive a little more federal funding because of the high number of students in the district who are living in poverty.