Hult Center
6:00 am
Fri May 9, 2014

Bohemian Dub Ball

A look at the Bohemian Dub Ball, an ambitious and multidisciplinary event at the Hult Center on Saturday, May 10th. It will feature electronic artists paired with a thirty-piece concert orchestra, dance, visual artists and more. Our guests are Calyn Kelly from the Community Center for the Performing Arts, JoJo Ferreira from Medium Troy, and Jeremy Schropp from Harmonic Laboratory.

Bohemian Dub Ball interview with Calyn Kelly (CCPA), JoJo Ferreira (Medium Troy/Bohemian Dub Orchestra) and Jeremy Schropp (Harmonic Laboratory). Includes music samples from Medium Troy, Bohemian Dub Orchestra, RJD2 and Eskmo.

Medium Troy with Harmonic Laboratory.