Civic Stadium's Future Could End Up In City's Hands

Feb 12, 2014

Civic Stadium has been shuttered since the Emeralds left in 2009.
Credit Jes Burns

On February 19th, the 4J school board will decide who should be allowed to purchase Civic Stadium. Three groups are vying for the property: the YMCA, Fred Meyer and the City of Eugene.  4J Superintendent Shelley Berman recommends going with the city’s plan to purchase and restore the historic grandstands and sports field.  Ward 1 City Councilor George Brown has been a vocal proponent of saving Civic Stadium. He tells KLCC’s Tiffany Eckert what will happen if a majority of the 4J board give the city the nod.

Ward 1 Eugene City Counselor George Brown.
Credit City of Eugene

Brown says if the city proposal is accepted and after nine months private funds are not raised,  the City of Eugene would withdraw its offer and 4J would go back to the drawing board.