Clear Skies and Frolicking Whales Ready To Receive Eclipse Travelers in Depoe Bay

Aug 20, 2017

The Mayor of Depoe Bay, Barbara Leff, wants eclipse enthusiasts to know that contrary to some recent reports, the town’s shops, hotels, restaurants, and even marine wildlife are more than prepared for Monday’s eclipse.

Credit wikipedia

“We’ve got an information booth and a lost and found booth and even a lost kids booth right on the main street where all our shops are,” says Mayor Leff. “The whales have cooperated - actually all summer this year they’ve been much more active than they have been in the past and they’ve been frolicking right by the wall almost every day.”

Mayor Leff says Depoe Bay is also equipped with detailed maps of the town highlighting the locations of restaurants and bathrooms. Some sources have also falsely reported that there has been rain over the last three days in Depoe Bay. According to Mayor Leff, the town hasn’t seen rain in over a week and forecasts show clear skies for the next two mornings. At 9:04 AM on Monday, Depoe Bay will be the initial touchdown location of the eclipse on the North American continent.