Cold Temperatures Will Keep Snow On Roads

Dec 7, 2013

Credit ODOT

Yesterday's (Friday's) winter storm kept The Oregon Department of Transportation busy. Snowy and Icy conditions caused multiple fender benders and some crashes. An overturned semi-truck with multiple trailers delayed drivers for hours on Highway 126 near Mapleton. And a chain requirement was issued for multiple sections of I-5. O-D-O-T Spokesman Rick Little says freezing temperatures will keep the snow pack on the ground thru the weekend. 

Little: "That snow then gets packed down by the motorists as they drive. Even if we plow it, the residual snow that falls after we've plowed gets packed. And eventually you get a pretty good, an inch or so, of snow pack built up. This, with low temperatures, is harder to break up and get rid of than with higher temperatures."

Little says O-D-O-T will focus their efforts on keeping I-5 clear over the weekend. He says applying salt to roadways and sidewalks is an effective way of removing ice and hard snow pack.

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