KLCC Beer Week 2014
6:45 pm
Thu February 6, 2014

Collaboration Brew 2014: A Tour Of Germany

Taking a Tour of Germany for the 2014 KLCC Microbrew Festival's Collaboration Brew, an annual interpretation of a certain style of beer. KLCC's Angela Kellner spoke with Matt VanWyck of Oakshire Brewing, Jason Carriere and Scott Siebar of Falling Sky Brewing and had a taste of the 2 beers made by the brewers.

Unterstutz KLCC Hefeweizen by Oakshire Brewing is their entry into the Collaboration Brew for the 2014 KLCC Microbrew Fest.
Credit Amanda Butt

Interview and beer tasting with Matt VanWyck, Brewmaster at Oakshire Brewing, Jason Carriere, Co-Owner of Falling Sky Brewing & Scott Siebar, Brewer at Falling Sky. The tasting took place in advance of the 2014 KLCC Microbrew Festival.