Corvallis Voters Approve Property Tax Boost

Nov 7, 2013

Voters in Corvallis Tuesday approved a 5-year property tax levy to fund city services including the library, pool, senior center, public safety and social service organizations.

The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library is one of the city services funded by Measure 02-86.
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The levy will raise more than 3 million dollars per year. The measure passed narrowly with 52 percent of voters in favor. Measure 2-86 will charge property owners about 82 cents for 1000 dollar assessed value.

Julie Manning is Mayor of Corvallis. She is grateful to voters for approving the levy.

Manning: "This revenue is really going to help provide a boost to the budget beginning in this next fiscal year. It does not address all of the budget challenges that we have in the city but certainly will make a significant difference and help enhance our local quality of life."

The levy renews a three year local option that was passed in May 2011. There was no organized opposition to the measure, but some activists spoke out against it at a community forum last month.