Crews Work to Restore Power to Thousands After Storm

Feb 10, 2014

Thousands of Oregonians were still without power Monday morning after Saturday's ice storm. Crews from local utilities have been working long hours to restore it but for a few people the wait may go into tomorrow.

Credit EWEB Facebook page

As of Monday morning about 14 hundred Eugene Water & Electric customers were without power.  EWEB's Joe Harwood estimates Saturday morning about 6 thousand had their power out. Harwood says Saturday's ice storm was unprecedented:

Harwood: "We have so many trees here, especially in the south hills, southeast, southwest, that those trees just came down. And instead of just knocking down the power lines, they were actually cutting the power lines which adds a whole other layer of complexity."

Harwood advises people to stay away from downed power lines.
He believes most EWEB customers will have electricity by the end of Monday.

If you have an outage, report it to your utility.

Pacific Power estimates more than 7-thousand people in the mid-Willamette valley were without power Saturday. As of this Monday morning, about 2000 customers still didn't have electricity.

Outage Hotlines:

EWEB: 541-484-2300
Pacific Power: 1-877-508-5088.
EPUD: 541-746-1583
Lane Electric: 541-484-1151