DeFazio Criticizes "Drill Everywhere" Legislation on U.S. House Floor

Jun 26, 2014

U.S Representative Peter DeFazio of Oregon blasted republicans in congress today (Thursday) for passing legislation that will mandate drilling off U.S. coasts and public lands.

As a Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Committee, DeFazio criticized the party line vote to approve H.R. 4899, saying it is the same proposal that passed last year and the year before that and the year before that.

U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio is Ranking Member of the House Natural Resources Committee.

DeFazio: "We now have a new tradition here which is Ground Hog Day in June for energy bills in a faux attempt to pretend we really care about the extortionate prices that people are paying because of big oil in the United States and speculation on Wall Street."

DeFazio says since the Republican majority first brought this bill to the House Floor in 2011, U.S. oil production has gone from 5.6 million barrels a day to 8.3 million—that's nearly a 50% jump. Gasoline and diesel *exports are over a half billion barrels a year.

DeFazio: "But somehow, prices are up about 20 cents at the pump."

The congressman scoffed at the American Petroleum Institute's mission to overturn the ban on exporting crude. DeFazio warned this would benefit oil companies and countries like India and China but not average Americans.