Districts Add Make-Up Days To Calendars

Dec 23, 2013

Lane County students are enjoying winter break this week. However, due to the snowstorm in early December, schools will be in session for additional days in 2014.

According to Eugene 4J School District's Kerry Delf, before make-up days were announced, they heard this feedback from parents and staff:

Delf: "Please please please, add these days back during the school year, if you can, rather than adding them on to the end of the year while still having furlough days. So that is in fact what we did."

Credit Eugene 4J Schools

Eugene schools will now be in session March 31st, April 17th and 18th, and May 23rd, all of which were previously furlough days.

Springfield had fewer furlough days to work with. In order to make up for snow days, middle and high school students there will resume class January 6th, originally the year's last furlough day. In addition, the school year will extend two more days into June. Devon Ashbridge is with the Springfield School District. She says most people have been receptive to the changes.

Ashbridge: "We know that for some families it can be difficult, because they may have made some plans around that schedule, but overall we feel it's important to provide as many students as possible with the opportunity to make those days up."

Several other area districts will decide in January how to adjust their calendars. Links to school calendars are here for Eugene 4J and here for Springfield.