Driving On Snow And Ice Trecherous

Dec 7, 2013

Winter weather has arrived in and the Eugene Police Department has some tips on driving in snowy and icy conditions. The first tip is SLOW Down. Melinda McLaughlin is E-P-D's Public Information Officer. She says even if you drive a truck of S-U-V, conditions can be deceiving.

Credit KVAL News

McLaughlin: "And a lot times, you'll find people that have four-wheel-drive, and you'll see them driving very fast. What they usually find out is that when they try to go and stop, they can't stop any faster that a regular vehicle without four-wheel-drive. And so that's a caution for people who do have better traction is to still be aware that when you go to stop, you still need to have that stopping distance."

Drivers should also make sure all snow is cleared off their vehicle and they have adequate visibility. Carry snow chains just in case, and pay close attention to 4-way stops.

McLaughlin: "As you take off from a stop sign or a stop light, sometimes somebody coming from the other direction will be barreling through that intersection because they are unable to stop or they've been going too fast and they realize if they try and stop they are going to skid. So it's a good idea to make sure the roadway is clear before you take off."

McLaughlin says after precipitation stops roads can freeze quickly creating hazardous black ice conditions. Cold temperatures are expected to continue through the weekend.

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