Ducks Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti Announces Retirement Following Alamo Bowl

Dec 27, 2013

You could call it "The Retirement Bowl." University of Oregon Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti joined University of Texas Head Coach Mack Brown (today) by announcing his retirement following Monday's Alamo Bowl.

Most of the recent conversation surrounding the Alamo Bowl has been Texas Coach Mack Brown's forced resignation. Steve Tannen hosts the Sports talk show "Crunch Time" on 95.3 The Score in Eugene. He says both football programs will use their coaches' announcements as inspiration. And he says Aliotti's decision isn't surprising.

Oregon Defensive Coordinator Nick Aliotti

Tannen: "Because he's been doing this for such a long time. In the case of Mack Brown, this is not how he anticipated the season ending. It now seems pretty obvious from what Coach Aliotti said that he would have probably left after last year's Fiesta Bowl when, if Chip Kelly had remained, so they both wind up leaving under very different circumstances."

Tannen says it will be interesting to see who the Ducks hire, whether it will be promoting from within, or searching nationally. Aliotti has been with the Ducks for 24 years, including 17 as a defensive coordinator. Oregon finished 4th in total defense in the Pac-12 this year.

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