Egan Warming Center Activates For Cold Nights

Dec 2, 2013

Eugene's Egan Warming Center will open Tuesday night. With temperatures forecast to drop into the teens, the agency is bracing for a long activation. But there's concern it might not be able to accommodate everyone.

Credit Egan Warming Center

Egan Warming Center is a network of churches that open their doors to homeless people on cold winter nights. St. Vincent de Paul operates the center. Executive Director Terry McDonald says they're looking for additional places-- especially at the end of the week.

McDonald: At the last activation, there was a lot of people, well over 300, and we don’t know if we're going to see that many people at the first of the month. Many people that are homeless still have some income sources and they will find a motel to put them up during cold winter events at the beginning of the month when they get their checks."

Egan Warming Centers is a community effort with numerous volunteers who may have a long week ahead. The cold snap is expected to continue into next week. McDonald says donations of warm clothes, blankets and sleeping bags are always needed.