Egan Warming Center Will Activate Tonight

Dec 5, 2017

Monday night was the first activation this winter for Egan Warming Centers in Eugene/ Springfield, as temperatures dropped below 30 degrees. KLCC checked in with Egan partner Lane Community College about the first activation at their site.

Last night was the first activation for Egan Warming Centers.
Credit / Egan Warming Center Logo

Lieutenant of Public Safety Lisa Rupp is coordinator.

“Some of us take for granted having a place that’s warm and safe to sleep and I like to do this as a way to give back and give thanks for everything that I have.”

At LCC for the past 2 nights, clients were fed by the culinary department, watched movies on Netflix, and showered in the morning.

Rupp says Egan does a good job at distributing people around the city so no one is left without shelter.

Activation is confirmed for tonight. It's on standby for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.