Elena Passarello, from Scream to Song

Jan 17, 2014

The tenth anniversary of Presidential candidate Howard Dean’s infamous career-damaging scream is  Sunday, January 19th. Elena Passarello honors this scream, alongside those of Marlon Brando and Roger Daltrey, and the famous Wilhelm Scream, which has been used in 350 movies. Elena Passarello is an Oregon Book Award finalist for her book of essays on the human voice, Let Me Clear My Throat. She was the first woman to win the annual Stanley and Stella Shouting Contest in New Orleans, and teaches at Oregon State University.

The on-air version includes several iconic screams, including Elena's own prizewinner. The extended  interview, although lacking screams, includes additional topics such as How to Sing Like Frank Sinatra, the presence of Johnny B. Goode in outer space, and the joy of writing silently about screaming, singing and outlying voices.

Elena Passarello wins the Stanley and Stella Shouting Contest.