Em's Cosmic Limo: Pedaling The Paths Of Country Fair For 30 Years

Jul 14, 2014

Emery Blackwell's feet are secured to his bike pedals before a night of riding people around in his Cosmic Limo.
Credit Tiffany Eckert

KLCC reporters walked the paths of the Oregon Country Fair this weekend to find stories that capture  experiences at the nation's oldest event of its kind. Emery Blackwell was born with cerebral palsy and is unable to walk or do many of the things many of us take for granted. But he's able to ride a tricycle that he custom designed for his body. It's known as Em's Cosmic Limo, and with the help of a dedicated crew, he spends nights at the Country Fair pedaling people around. KLCC's Tiffany Eckert has the story.

Em's Cosmic Limo is loaded with excited riders and ready to depart from his Ritz Sauna headquarters.
Credit Julie Garton