Eugene Adopts New Urban Growth Boundary

Jul 19, 2017

This week, (Monday), the Eugene City Council adopted a new urban growth boundary. The state-mandated UGB adds land for 3,000 jobs in the Bethel area, two community parks, and a future school.

Credit City of Eugene

Eugene’s population is expected to grow by 34,000 people by 2032. City planner Terri Harding says the process for developing a new UGB started in 2010 with “Envision Eugene”, which established a framework.
“They talk about compact growth and efficient transportation options and neighborhood livability and all the things that make Eugene special.” Harding says, “So, our challenge was to propose both a boundary and also policies and strategies for managing growth that would help us keep those special qualities about Eugene.”
Harding says the Lane County Board of Commissioners must approve Eugene’s UGB before it goes to the state for consideration. She says the UGB adoption allows the city to move forward with future projects including establishing a growth monitoring program, addressing housing standards and urban reserve planning.