Eugene Airport Expects Record Traveler Numbers For Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 21, 2017

With nearly 2,388 departing passengers, the Eugene Airport is expecting Wednesday to be a record-breaking travel day.

Credit Eugene Airport

Casey Boatman with the Eugene Airport says an average day includes about 1,252 departing travelers. Boatman says the best way to avoid travel headaches is to plan ahead.
“Well, definitely, I think the biggest thing is because of our increased volume it’s more important to show up 2 hours before your scheduled departure.” Boatman says, “That’ll alleviate any hiccups if there’s delays in security screening. Our biggest bank of flights usually leaves in the morning and that’s when it becomes increasingly important.”
Boatman says the Airport has a new cell-phone waiting lot which he encourages people to use when picking up passengers. He says they’re enforcing parking limits on the curb.
Sunday is expected to the second busiest day at the airport with roughly 2-thousand passengers returning to Eugene. Boatman says, between Tuesday and Sunday, the airport expects 21,500 passengers.

For information on security screening: