Eugene Celebrates A Windy Earth Day

Apr 19, 2014

A tent in distress!
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

Despite rainy and windy conditions, hundreds of people celebrated Earth Day Saturday in the Eugene Water and Electric Board's downtown parking lot. The wind seemed to be more of a factor than the rain. Elizabeth Brown is with the organization "Our Children's Trust" who operated a booth at Earth Day. She says they tied their booth next to two adjacent ones.

Hundreds of people buying plants and bidding on items at The Master Gardner Booth.
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

Brown: "And at one point there was a wind gust so strong that all three were lifted up. And just a second ago the tent next to ours was literally flown up over another set of tents into a different row and went flying away and it was a little struggle to get it back."

Some vendors obtained weights to keep their tents fastened to the asphalt. The Lane County Master Gardner Association didn't need any help keeping their booths from blowing away. The largest Earth Day vendor was located under the Coburg Road Bridge. Organizer Laura Hoover said this year's theme is "A Climate for Change."

Hoover: "I think what they are trying to establish is that we all need to be ready for change and accepting of change in not only the climate, but in society as well."

Hoover said there were 108 people lined up before they opened. She says they might have to expand next year because of the volume of people.

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