Eugene Considers Expanding Homeless Rest-Stops, Restricting Fireworks

Jan 28, 2014

Eugene City Councilors Monday proposed extending the sunset date on the rest-stop ordinance until October 31, 2014. This will require a public hearing.

Eugene Police have put up a fence around Whoville with openings to enter and exit.
Credit Desmond O'Boyle

Councilor Claire Syrett says she'd like the city to add a third rest-stop for homeless people at 8th and Mill or another location near downtown. Residents of Whoville, a homeless camp at West Broadway and Hilyard in Eugene have been told they'll have to leave that site. Last Friday, police erected a fence with openings around the lot. Michael Adams was among those who testified to council.

Adams: "Do not close Whoville until we have shelter available.  Currently there is not shelter and we all know that as well.  I’m not asking for Whoville to remain open indefinitely, nor is anybody else.  However we should be able to do what is considered right my many and leave Whoville open until shelter is available.”

Also at Monday's meeting, councilors discussed cracking down on illegal fireworks. They asked city staff for proposals to deal with them, including increased fines, public education and better enforcement of existing laws.