Eugene Council Tables Talk Of Buying Amazon Headwaters Property

Feb 20, 2014

The headwaters of Eugene's Amazon Creek.

The Eugene City Council put off a decision to purchase the 26-acre Beverly property in south Eugene. At a work session Wednesday council members unanimously voted to table the discussion.

Heather Sielicki is with the Southeast Neighbors Association. She says she’s disappointed with the decision to delay a vote to purchase the lots.

Sielicki: "Where the Amazon Creek Headwaters had special importance is because it has environmental significance that will impact the entire community. And there’s a good deal of urgency as the property is listed so that it can be developed and once they pave over that natural area, it can never be recovered."

Wednesday’s motion directed Eugene City Manager John Ruiz to seek out private donors to help with the purchase.
Sielicki says she is hopeful partners will come forward. she says the price of the two Beverly lots under consideration were recently reduced to $2.5 million .