Eugene Police Analyses Bias

Apr 2, 2014

The Eugene Police and Police Commission are taking a look at whether bias or profiling plays a role in how cops approach their work. There's a public forum Thursday evening for people to voice their concerns.

The Police Commission is drafting a policy on bias-based policing policy. At the same time EPD is developing new methods for collecting data on contact between police and the public. Carter Hawley is a Management Analyst for the Eugene Police Department. She says there's a perception that bias based on race, gender, age or other factors plays a role in police activity.

Hawley: "There are numerous cities that are force by the Department of Justice to review their stop data based on an allegation of bias or profiling and Eugene is under no such request. The Eugene Police Department and Police Chief, they're starting the data collection project because it’s the right thing to do. The Police Commission are engaging in a community conversation about it because it's of great interest to the community."

The Police Commission is holding a public forum on Bias-based policing Thursday evening at 5:30 at Harris Hall in Eugene.