Family Homeless Shelter Sees Greater Need And Support During Holidays

Dec 23, 2013

With Christmas day quickly approaching, one Eugene-based family shelter is seeing an increase in need and a spike in community support.

First Place Family Center normally serves between 200 and 250 families each month. But this time of year, with tight budgets, the center can see an additional 100 families seeking help.

Becky Beck is the Program Coordinator of night shelter for First Place Family Center. She says their gift room is being visited by homeless and housed families alike.

Becky Beck: "You know people will just bring us some toys, or some pajamas or slippers for kids. And families that aren't sponsored get to go up there and pick out a few things for each of their children. We try to make it so that every child has new presents for Christmas."

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Donations can be dropped off through Christmas Eve. Beck says this community is generous but can always do better. She says her families are motivated to get on their feet. And maybe with enough help, they'll find ways to give back.