Federal Funds Allocated For Oregon's Outdoor Areas

Jul 14, 2014

The federal Land and Water Conservation Fund has been distributing money to the states for 50 years. Last week, Governor Kitzhaber announced Oregon's 2014 allocation.

Oregon will receive $657,659 from the Land and Water Conservation Fund this year.

Oregon will receive over 650 thousand dollars this year, to be used to acquire land and develop outdoor recreation areas. The amount is on par with funding over the past few years. Chris Havel is with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. He says the Land and Water Conservation Fund has been remarkably long-lived, supporting thousands of projects over the years.

Havel: "As we bring people to Oregon, and for the people who are already living here, especially, for them to get the most out of the Oregon experience, you need these healthy outdoor areas that provide diverse recreation. And that's what this money has really done."

Recent uses of the funds include expanding Clearwater Park in Springfield and redeveloping Central Park Plaza in Corvallis.

Allocating the funds is a year-round process. A Parks and Recreation commission meets July 21st to approve grant applications for last year's funds. Among the projects to be approved is construction of a restroom and bike storage area at Village Green in Sisters.